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February 2016

Dear friends and supporters,

Greetings from Michigan! Thank you so much for your prayers and support for us during our furlough. This year we were able to travel to Louisiana for Christmas with Dena’s family for the first time since we were married and we thank God for safe travels and a good visit with them. The boys continue to do well in Christian school and sports and we continue to visit churches on the weekends and even some Wednesday nights. Bill has also been coaching Jr. Pro basketball during the months of January and February. These are 3rd, 4th and 5th graders and JohnPaul has been happy to be able to participate. Our overall schedule has been somewhat hectic but God is blessing. We did have a college student make a decision for Christ after I preached in one of our recent appointments and we were thankful that God used the message to touch his heart. Please pray for “Joe” as the assistant pastor continues to follow up with him.

We have heard from the interim pastor at the work in Spain that things are going well there and they had one saved during a special teen retreat in December, as well as the two that did indeed follow through with baptism. Please continue to pray for the church in Spain and the leaders there. We also request special prayer for Victor and his family, as they have been discouraged and inconsistent with their attendance lately. Another interesting situation is that we have had an issue with the bank account for the church there in Spain. The government has been taking money out of it, supposedly for some tax or something. We have not yet been able to find out exactly what is going on or solve the problem, and are really not even sure it is a legitimate fee. It’s a problem because they are taking the money that was supposed to be for rent and ministry, which makes it difficult for those in charge there.

Our immediate family has been blessed with good health so far this winter and we’re grateful for that, however both my mother and Dena’s mother have been referred to specialists for potential surgeries in the near future; my mother for her still uncontrolled glaucoma and Dena’s mother for a growth deep in her sinus cavity near the spinal column. We also received a call yesterday that my grandfather had fallen and is in the hospital in the Detroit. He may need to enter a rehabilitation center for a time. Please pray with us for our loved ones with these health needs.

Also, a young man from Spain is scheduled to fly in on March 1st to travel with me as I visit supporting churches during the next three months. Once again we are using a standby ticket and ask that you would pray for Efrain’s flights and that he would be able to get a seat on both flights without delay! We have a conference scheduled immedia

tely after his arrival and are praying for him to be there as I know it will be a blessing to the people to meet him.

We appreciate your prayers for our family in our travels and adventures during this furlough year. We leave you with one last bit of family news: our daughter Kelsey is engaged to marry Gonzalo Garcia this July in Spain! Some of you met Gonzalo several years ago when he visited here in the U.S. He has a heart for the Lord and for ministry and we are excited to see how the Lord uses their lives together for his glory!

Looking up for His coming! Colossians 3:2

Bill and Dena Rose with Kelsey, Jordan, Joshua, Josiah and JohnPaul

Christmas card 2015
Visiting with Dena's family in Louisiana

Things are going well in Cartama

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