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November 2015

Dear Pastors and praying friends,

So much has happened in the last couple of months that it is hard to even know where to begin. Bill and the boys did arrive safely from Spain with their new residence permission in hand although they experienced a travel delay that caused them to miss the first day of school. They jumped right in as soon as they arrived and seem to be enjoying school. The three older boys were able to play soccer and Jordan’s team actually won the district championship last month, so that was a positive experience for them. They are doing well overall with their grades although it has been a big adjustment and a lot of hard work, especially in English! Soccer season has ended and we’re moving on to basketball season already now! ;)

Brianna’s wedding was beautiful and we are blessed to have a new son-in-law as part of our family. Thank you to all who were able to come to their reception or send them gifts. We appreciate you remembering our family during this special time! For those who have not heard, we did have the unhappy circumstance of Bill’s grandma passing away unexpectedly at the beginning of October. We are thankful that God gave us time with her these last few months and that she was able to make it for both their 70th wedding anniversary and Brianna’s wedding, but we are sure going to miss her! Even with the distance she had been so faithful to call and check up on us and send us boxes. We thank God for her life, her faith in Him, and the legacy she leaves behind. Please pray for Bill’s grandpa, Harold (Rosie) Rose, as he is learning to live without his bride of 70 years.

We are hearing good things from the work back in Spain! Just this week we got word that there are two new candidates for baptism. The baptism service is scheduled for December 5th. It was also good to hear that the church was able to pay their rent last month with only their tithes and offerings, without having to use funding from us. Since our goal is to “work ourselves out of a job” it is a blessing to see that even without us there the church plant is continuing to move forward! Kelsey is making plans to return to Spain at the end of December and we look forward to seeing how God will use her in the work back there. Please pray for her safe trip. Note- we left the magic jack in Spain with the interim pastor, so don’t call that number thinking you will reach us! We can be reached by email at or by cell at 269-587-0212 (Bill) or 616-536-0609 (Dena).

We continue to report to our supporting churches and participate in mission conferences during this time of furlough. Bill was also able to attend the fall meeting of the World Baptist Fellowship in Orlando. He is currently making appointments in the southern part of the United States in April and May and still has some availability. We enjoy seeing so many of you as we travel and thank you for your part in the ministry in Spain!

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless,

Bill and Dena Rose with Kelsey, Jordan, Joshua, Josiah and JohnPaul

Dena and Josiah at the wedding

The four boys singing at Great-Grandma Rosie's funeral

Grandma and Grandpa Rosie at their 70th anniversary party

Brianna and Evan LeVasseur

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