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46.77 million


Economic situation:

Spain has been going through an economic crisis since 2008.  Millions of Spaniards have lost their jobs and thousands have lost their homes.

"In Spain there are 943.000 families with adults who don't work."

-Buenos Días, Andalucía

September 16, 2014



The predominant religion in Spain is Roman Catholicism.  69% of Spaniards self-identify themselves as catholic, however most are not practicing catholics.  Less than 2% of the population claims to be evangelical.  



From Flamenco dancing to a mediterranean diet, Spain has a very vibrant culture!
Spain is one of the 28 countries that form part of the European Union
King Philip VI of Spain succeeded to the throne in June 2014
Millions of Spaniards have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


  • Population of 24.328

  • Cartameños pray to their city's matron saint "Nuestra Señora de los Remedios" [Our Lady of the Remedies]. It has been said that this saint has made apparitions throughout the Guadalhorce Valley, and there is a hermitage (chapel) built for her on the mountain in Cártama.

Spaniards parading the "Virgin of the Remedies" through the streets of Cártama
  • Cártama is divided into two sub-towns: Cártama Pueblo and Cártama Estación
  • In 2014, Cártama won an award for having the best sports program for a city of its size in our province.
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