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April 2016

Friends, family and prayer supporters,

Bill and Jordan celebrating the basketball district victory!

Here in Michigan we’re still searching for spring! This week was spring break and it has snowed. We actually missed most of that because we headed to Ohio as a family for church appointments since the boys were out of school. The schedule is pretty crazy the next several weeks with conferences and the boys are even missing some days of school. We appreciate your prayers for our family as we travel to report and also for the boys with their schooling that they will be able to catch up on the work they miss with no problem. Jordan’s basketball team finished up the season with winning the district championship- attentive readers will notice that his teams have won district in both soccer and basketball this year! They have now moved on to baseball and all four boys are excited about playing this distinctly American sport. They continue to do well in Christian school and we were really excited that JohnPaul has learned to read and write enough English to really be graded in this third marking period.

Back in Spain we have heard that two new families are attending the church and we’re excited about that! Kelsey has located temporary housing for us for the month of July, so that’s an important detail that is taken care of. She is busy with wedding preparations and getting paperwork done both for the wedding and also to continue her education there in Spain. She has also been able to help with getting the insurance renewed on the van we have back there so that they can use it to pick people up for the services and it will be ready for us when we arrive. We have heard from Israel who is studying at the Bible Institute in Hungary (for more background, check out our video on the website!) and he is doing well and considering staying for a second year of studies.

JohnPaul rooting for the Howardsville team!

In the last letter we mentioned some family health concerns and we’d like to give the updates and ask for your continued prayer. First, praise God with us that Dena’s mother was able to have her sinus surgery and everything went well with no complications! Bill’s mother has eye surgery for her glaucoma scheduled for April 27 and we ask that you please remember her in prayer that God would guide the surgeon’s hands and help this to be a solution that will prevent any more vision loss. Bill’s grandfather was able to go back home after our last letter but has since fallen, is back in the hospital and they are again discussing a rehabilitation center for him. Please pray for the decisions that need to be made and for his peace and encouragement during the process. This is a very difficult time for him as he obviously misses his life long partner very much since grandma went home to be with the Lord in October.

Efrain did arrive safely from Spain last month and is enjoying America and visiting our supporting churches with us. The boys are excited to have a piece of their life in Spain here with us and are having a great time showing him around. For all those who have met him, thank you for your patience in communicating with him! He is picking up more English as the weeks go by, but it is a slow process as anyone who has learned a second language knows. He and Bill will be travelling to church appointments in Texas in the next month. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our family. We appreciate your partnership with us more than mere words can express! Philippians 1:2-3

Bill and Dena Rose with Kelsey, Jordan, Joshua, Josiah and JohnPaul

Jordan and Joshua participating in Christian Ministries
Church barbecue in Cártama, Spain

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